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Search results vary based on search criteria and can range from very general to very specific. We offer the following recommendations to yield the fastest and best results:
  1. PCGS Major # Field – enter the PCGS Major # that appears on the PCGS insert or in some auction catalog descriptions. Example: where the insert shows 6142.64/23456789, 6142 is the PCGS Major #, 64 is the numerical grade, and 23456789 is the Cert #. If the PCGS Major # does not yield any results, try entering the spec number in the PCGS Variety # field. If the spec number is not available, use the Description field to find your coin. Coming soon, you’ll be able to use a barcode scanner to take you right to the correct coin.
  2. PCGS Variety # Field – spec numbers for die varieties appear on the PCGS insert or in some auction catalog descriptions in the same position as the PCGS Major #. Example: where the insert shows 39784.63/12345678, 39784 is the PCGS Variety #. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell by sight whether a particular number is a PCGS Major # or a PCGS Variety #, so try the number in either or both fields.
  3. Description Field – use the naming convention as it appears on the PCGS insert. For example ALWAYS start with the date/mintmark, then the denomination. Learn the naming conventions here to get the best results.
  4. Cert # Field - this allows searches for the unique certification numbers assigned by the grading services to individual coins. Examples: where the insert shows 6142.64/23456789, the certification number is 23456789.