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IdealCoins.com offers no warranties:
  1. The data provided on the IdealCoins.com website is for information purposes only.
  2. IdealCoins.com attempts to provide information that is as up-to-date, as complete, and as accurate as possible. However, inaccuracies, omissions, and errors and and will occur.
  3. IdealCoins.com is not aware of every coin transaction, nor is it aware of every condition-rarity coin that exists.
  4. New coins appear on the market and grades and values on currently-known coins can (and do) change.
  5. Such events can change the IdealCoins.com Census rankings.
  6. Therefore, no warranties of any kind are given by IdealCoins.com about the accuracy and utility of the information they provide, nor about the authenticity of the subject coins
  7. Before engaging in any transaction, the user of IdealCoins.com information should perform their own due diligence and verify the information to their own satisfaction.
  8. Because of the volatility and thin capitalization of the coin market, you buy and sell rare coins at your own risk.
  9. Some auction data may be awaiting processing and integration into the database.
  10. There may be duplication of data.