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The database uses the following consistent conventions to facilitate search results. Learning these conventions will make your search experience much easier and quicker.
  1. Dates and Mintmarks – always with a dash. Examples: 1978-S, not 1978 S.
  2. Varieties – full names are followed by a space; abbreviations by a dash. Examples: Maris 6C or M-6C. Well-known variety names are usually abbreviated; lesser-known names may be spelled out, so be sure to attempt both.
  3. Denominations – for the most part, this criteria follows PCGS’ naming conventions. Examples: Five Cents is 5C, Half Dime is H10C, Half Dollar is 50C, One Dollar is $1, Half Cent is H10C, etc.
  4. Cert Numbers – do not use dashes. Example: NGC cert #9876543-201 should be entered as 9876543201.
  5. Descriptions – these generally go from general to specific in the following sequence (Date/Mintmark, Denominations, Suffix, Variety, Variety Description). An example is 1857 1C Regular Issue, Large Cent, Braided Hair, N-7.